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Directors:  Danny MAlin

Screenwriter:  Lee Kolinsky

Genre:  Drama


When Dick Garner realizes he can’t climb higher on the corporate ladder, he sets up his boss Barbara Collins. As they confront each other on Barbara’s last day at the office, she reveals a few secrets that will change both of their lives.

3 Official Selections to date

Winner of our 2017 Script Writing Competition


Directors:  Danny MAlin

Screenwriter:  Ian Wilson

Genre:  Romance, Comedy


Love's in the air for Jane and John. But when their inner-voices get involved,

the budding romance looks like it might falter before it even begins.

27 Official Selections

5 Wins for Best Film

Honorable Mention for Best Female Actress, Performance by Michelle Langlois-Fequet

Winner of our 2016 Best Script Competition


Directors:  Danny MAlin

Screenwriter:  Danny MAlin

Genre:  Adult


Festival Circuit

Directors:  Danny MAlin

Screenwriter:  Danny MAlin + Ian Wilson

Genre:  Comedy


Anna wanting to spice up her sex life with Doug, suggests role play.

Doug soon discovers his fetish for nylon stockings.

How far is far enough to satisfy their needs?

11 Official Selections

3 Wins for Best Comedy

TAG, You're IT



Genre:  Comedy Thriller


Winner of Best Ending, Nomination for Best Directing,

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