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Our festival originally started out as 'The 46th Hour Film Race'' in downtown Montreal. Initiated by Actor and Director Danny MAlin, a chance to organize an event to get actors and technicians together to meet and create work. Often projects do not get finalized or never make it past the creative writing process, so by having an event that guarentees everyone will walk away with an experience and a finished project makes it all the more exciting.

Feedback from this event, although fun, was quite stressful for all the teams, making us change the rules for the next year, to meet up, and create a movie in 3 weeks time. A successful run in 2015, naming the event 'YES! Let's Make a Movie!, we migrated it into an international Film Festival, with trophies for the local winners and cash prizes for the International Winners.


Yes! is now entering it's 4th season. Successful past winners include Studded Nightmare by Jean Claude LeBlanc, and Grocery Store Action Movie by Matthew Campbell.

We have a special script competition, where we choose a script that while entertaining, is possible to produce by us, with a 1000$ budget. 2016 winner was PERCEPTIONS by Ian Wilson, and the 2017 winner being DICK by Lee Kolinsky.

To date, we are rated as TOP 100 BEST REVIEWED FESTIVALS on

And our produced films have combined won 8 Awards with 32 Official Selections.

“If you want to be a bench warmer you can,

if you want to talk, you can,

if you want to make a movie, you can do that too."

-Danny MAlin

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